How to trade IMC Tokens on Token Store using Meta-mask

A short instruction Guide to trade your IMC tokens.

  1. How to add your IMC to Meta-mask


· Install Metamask Plugin by clicking on this link:

· Click on Get Chrome Extension

· Install the extension and add to Chrome

· Accept the Terms & Conditions

· Create a New Password and Confirm

· Save the Seed file

· Click on the Profile Symbol at the top right corner

· Import account -> Use your private key to add your MEW Account which has IMC tokens

· Press “Tokens” and then “Add Token”

Fill in the following info:

Token Address:  0xE42Ba5558b00d2E6109CC60412d5D4c9473FE998

Token Symbol: IMC

Decimals: 18

and press “Add Token”. (possibly with the address the IMC and decimals will fill in automatically)

2. How to Trade with the Token Store (

Trading with The Token Store is very simple. On this page, we’ll show you how to get started and trade on The Token Store in four easy steps:

Step One: Create or Import an Account

Since the Token Store is fully decentralized, we never actually hold any of your funds. However, The Token Store needs to be able to access your ETH and tokens to be able to conduct trades.

There’s three ways to do this:

  1. Create a new, local account:

What this does is generate a new ETH address. The private key to this address is stored in your browser cache and never leaves your browser. To reveal your private key, click the eye toggle on the left. Once the address is generated, you can transfer the ETH or ERC20 tokens you want to transact in to your new ETH address.

2. Import account:

By entering the private key to your ETH wallet (that looks something like this: 8d408fd8a4c0b2cc01b22637b79261a1752685e08dec2c8d9a46884afdbf039d) The Token Store will import your balances and you’ll be able to trade on The Token Store from your existing ETH address. Your private key is never transmitted to The Token Store!

3. Metamask, Brave and other Web3 services:

By accessing The Token Store from a web3 service such as Metamask (a Chrome and Firefox plugin) or Brave (a standalone browser), the ETH account you have associated with your Web3 service is automatically attached to The Token Store and all available balances are imported.

Note that we strongly recommend using option 3 as it is the most secure way of dealing with your private keys.

To choose the option that works best for you, navigate to

You can confirm you have successfully imported your account by noting, at the top right of the screen, the first several letters of your public ETH address in green, along with the wallet’s ETH balance.

Here’s how it looks:

Step Two: Deposit Funds to The Token Store’s Smart Contract

Once your account is attached, you must deposit the funds you wish to trade to The Token Store’s smart contract. To do this, you must have funds in your attached account. (If you chose to create a new account, this means you must transfer tokens from yourself to the new account first.) To deposit funds into The Token Store’s smart contract, use the Deposit widget on the left of the page.

Step Three: Trade

Once funds are deposited and confirmed (this may take some time), your funds are available for traders. Use the Buy/Sell widget to trade.

Step Four: Withdraw

After you’re done trading, you should withdraw the funds currently locked in the smart contract to your ETH address. Use the Withdraw widget on the left to accomplish this. If you have used a new account, make sure that you have noted your private key somewhere safe!